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Step 4: Cut the puzzle pieces. If you don’t have the time to draw a picture, or if you don’t need one, cut a photo from a magazine and attach it to the poster board. Turn the poster board upside down and use the pencil to make separate puzzle pieces. Step 1: Draw a drawing on a piece of poster board. Color it using markers. Step Three: Attach knobs to each piece at the point where the puzzle pieces are interlocked. Step Three: Create additional spools with more letters, and choose spools with your buddies. Step 2: Place the spools on the pencil in a specific order, then turn them around to create words. You can determine who can create the most words quickly by putting them on the pencil.

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Learn with your children that learning can be fun. Create this jigsaw puzzle that is colorful to have hours of fun. Learn how to create Jigsaw Puzzle on the next page. You’ll have plenty of fun making Jigsaw Puzzles with your children. Psychology Today’s Jim Taylor, Ph.D., argues that viewers are encouraged to succeed through reality television shows like The Apprentice. If you enjoy cereal for breakfast, then be aware of this guy, too! Craigslist and eBay make it easy to turn your trash into treasure. Then put the puzzle back together. Step 2 Divide the image into pieces. The more difficult your puzzle will be bigger, the larger the section.