How far is paso robles from the beach?

How far is paso robles from the beach?

Do you have weekend plans to visit and dine in at the best restaurants in Paso Robles

Have you planned for beachside strolls during the wine tasting trip?

Then the vineyard countryside presents you with several multicuisine eateries at affordable prices. It has several scenic beaches to indulge in activities like surfing, boating, and other adventurous activities. 

The below-profiled open the world article narrates the best beaches and best restaurants in Paso Robles. It also throws insights into the famous wines of Paso Robles.

Paso Robles Coastlines

Pismo Beach

The estimated drive time from the beach to Paso is 38 minutes and can vary depending on the traffic conditions. The distance between the seaside to wine heaven is 40 miles or 64 kilometers.

Avila Beach

The approximate drive time is 42 minutes, subject to the risks of traffic during your travel. The distance between the Avila coastline and Paso is around 38 miles or 61 kilometers

Huntington Beach

The estimated drive time is 8 hours and 43 minutes that can differ from weather conditions and on-road traffic. Paso and Huntington beach are 393 kilometers apart

Pebble Beach

The distance between the Seaside and Robles is 154 kilometers. The calculated drive time is 2 hours and 25 minutes that can differ depending on the traffic. 

After a long drive, you crave delicious food that satisfies your hunger pangs. Some best restaurants in Paso Robles offer a memorable dining experience.

Restaurants at your service


It is an Italian dine-in famous for its handmade pasta. The food is prepared using local ingredients, and do try their gourmet seafood menu when you visit.


It is the top-rated restaurant of the wine paradise where you can find seasonal menus. The expert chefs purchase their ingredients from the local markets. Get ready to taste their unique, creative, and flavorful dishes during your next trip.

La Cosecha

It is a modern bar-cum-restaurant that fuses the flavors of Spain and Latin America in their signature dishes. They prepare their exotic dishes from the local suppliers.

Robert’s Restaurant and Winer Bar

It is a typical white table cloth American restaurant serving food at affordable prices. The food tastes good, and the staffs are patient and hospitable.

Basil Thai

The idea of Thai food indulgence along with the best wines in Paso Robles feels ecstatic. Their Pineapple Rice, Pad Thai Noodles, and Beef Param are a must-try during your stay.

Apart from the above, there are a plethora of eateries that offer mouthwatering dishes. They also provide fruity grape juices that blend well with food flavors. Paso Robles is famous for its traditional varietals and blends of Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Rhone, and Bordeaux style wines

Few recommended stays to taste the wines in Paso Robles are Adelaida Cellars,Justin Winery, Halter Ranch, Allegretto Vineyard Resort, andSculpterra Winery.


The above open the world article describes the best restaurants in Paso Robles and must-try wines in Paso Robles during your tasting journey. Be sure to follow the guidelines for a pleasant stay.