Pornography addiction may be one of the most problematic addictions to treat

Pornography addiction may be one of the most problematic addictions to treat

September 15, 2021 Off By admin

Usually, when someone has a porn addiction, they hide it well. Unlike an alcoholic who the family may see drink, the porn addict is compelled to try to hide his problem by the sheer nature of the addiction. He may surf porn at work in the privacy of his office, and he may wait until everyone goes to bed and sit at the computer late at night; he may live alone and avoid social interaction to stay home and view porn.

So when someone does recognize the problem, it can be severely embarrassing, and a natural reaction is to deny the pornography habit rather than admit to something that the addict knows he will be harshly judged for.

People with untreated addictions commonly argue that nothing is wrong with them. Most men with a porn habit will explain that they are not do anything any healthy man does not do. Many will be able to convince their partners or xbideos family that they are exaggerating their concerns. The pain of being found out is just too much for them to handle. They may believe that they can control their porn use and often try to use willpower to stay away from porn. But relapse is usually inevitable. Willpower is not a cure. And unfortunately, failing to keep their self promise can lead to shame, guilt, and increased stress – which may only exacerbate the porn addiction.

It may be tempting for loved ones who suspect there is a problem and are themselves offended and hurt by the porn habit to take a hands-off approach to the problem and pretend they don’t notice or do not care. But hoping that the porn problem will go away on its own or because he loves you so much is just not likely to happen. It is not about how much the addict loves his family and friends. Even if you believe that the porn addict is unwilling to change, treatment can still help the sooner, the better.