Perfection in the crypto Trading in the Best Ways

Perfection in the crypto Trading in the Best Ways

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Binary options have become very popular in recent years. High profits and ease of trading explain to a large extent the success in recent years.In this article, we will try to describe the main differences between the binary options and the forex, so you can evaluate which is the most appropriate trading method for you. Visit for more about it now.

What are binary options?

Binary options are a simple way of trading in world price fluctuations. The special feature of binary options is that profits and risks, which are variable, are determined in advance. Specifically, binary option clients know from the outset the amount of loss or profit. You should go for the recommended broker now.


Although options are considered exotic binary options are extremely easy to use and understand.The latter is also called the “fixed return option” because the option expires at a precise date / time. If a customer correctly sets the direction in the market, and then the price on the due date will be on the correct side of the strike price, and so the customer will receive a fixed return regardless of how the financial instrument is varied. The customer who bet incorrectly on the direction of the market will lose his investment.

What is crypto?

When trading crypto, you will be speculating about the change in value of one currency over another. For example: The current price of EUR / USD is 1.30850 and you think the price will rise in the future. You buy a lot of EUR / USD and you expect the price increases to reach the level you want, and then you close the deal, and you will achieve the expected profit.

Crypto Comparison with Binary Options:

Leverage effect:

You can use leverage to trade currencies. Maximum leverage is determined by each brokerage firm, and can sometimes range from 1: 200 to 1: 500. Leverage allows you to increase your investment capital and also allows you to make more transactions and consequently higher profit, if if your exchange is successful.

Binary Options: Leverage is not used in binary option trading. You can always make a great return on investment (which can sometimes be 80% or up to 400%), in general, binary options are much more attractive to customers.