Messi receives his TOTY card but disappoints the fans

Messi receives his TOTY card but disappoints the fans

February 4, 2021 Off By admin

One of the big surprises of the FUT 21 TOTY reveal was the absence of Lionel Messi. The FC Barcelona star was left out of the team of the year because fans preferred to include Kylian Mbappé as the right winger.

Without a doubt, this was a great disappointment for all the players who expected to enjoy the Lionel Messi TOTY card, as these types of cards tend to become the best cards in the game.

Now, EA Sports has suddenly introduced a group of “Honorable Mentions” that includes the long-awaited TOTY card from Lionel Messi that is currently being released in the game packs on a random basis.

However, against all odds, this card has not been well received by many fans, although it has very good attributes that make it reach 98 OVR points, it has a problem that seriously impairs its performance on the court.

Lionel Messi’s TOTY card has little stamina.

This card only has 83 stamina points, a defect that makes Messi unable to play the entire game with the same pace and speed. In fact, he runs the risk of injury if he risks running a lot or playing with very intense high pressure.

The reduction of this attribute has been considerable when compared to his FUT 20 TOTY card. In that card, Messi had 96 resistance points, 13 points more than he has on his new FUT 21 TOTY card.

While Messi’s performance has dropped this past season, it sounds a bit exaggerated to drop him more than 13 points in a statistic from one year to the next. It is not something that happens frequently in the franchise except for a catastrophic performance of the player in the previous season.

Messi’s TOTY card only has that problem.

Of course, that he has that stamina problem does not mean that this letter from Messi is not worth it or is not good enough to make a difference in a game.

In fact, these complaints are mostly made by competitive players who focus on even the smallest detail to win the games.

This Messi card is very good for playing medium and high-level matches, so most users will know how to value it and have it as the best card of him if it comes out. Of course, if you want to acquire Messi’s TOTY card from the transfer market, you will have to spend a lot of coins.

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For now, EA Sports has not commented on the matter nor is it expected that they will draw another TOTY card from Messi with more stamina points, so we have to settle for this letter, despite that small weakness.

FUT 21 is now available worldwide on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and PC.