Coinbase account restricted

Coinbase account restricted

April 6, 2022 Off By admin

Being restricted means that some of your account functions have been limited, or you have been assigned to a different account because of an issue with the one you had. When you are restricted, it means that you can’t use your account for some specific acts; for example, you might be restricted from sending or receiving money. Some people are unable to open an account with Coinbase because their name was on the United States Terrorist Exclusion List. This list is a list of names that can’t be used to open an account due to a past criminal activity or suspicion of criminal activity. Unfortunately, these restrictions are permanent and cannot be removed. It is important to know that Coinbase account restrictions are temporary and the restriction goes away after a certain amount of time. The length of time varies depending on the type of restriction, but you can find this information in their official support guide.

When are restrictions lifted?

When your account is restricted, you’ll receive an email. Within the email, you’ll find information on why your account was restricted and what they need from you to lift the restriction. If the email doesn’t answer your specific question, there will be a link to contact customer service. Coinbase restricted your account for a few reasons. They might have noticed suspicious activity on the account. They might also have detected that you’ve tried to log-in from multiple devices within short time frames. Do you know what happened to your Coinbase account this summer? If the answer is no, then you probably wonder what happened to your funds. The company had a security issue in July that caused some people’s accounts to be locked. For those who got their Coinbase account restricted back and sent in the required documents, they found out their money was not there.

Security measures

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange service. Recently, some users have been reporting that their accounts have been restricted or locked due to suspicious activity. Some of the security measures Coinbase will implement are order limits and 2fa to prevent fraud and other types of scams. They also support linked bank accounts so that they can be used like a debit card while trading cryptocurrencies.