Deciding Kitchen Wall Colour for Right Psychological Effect

Kitchen wall colour will determine your mood in cooking. Colours are cannot be separated with house decoration. When you are in your process of decorating your house, you will choose which colour will suit you for your house. Although colours choice you made for your house seems like the most simple thing, you have to […]

Kitchen Japanese for Your Kitchen Style

Kitchen Japanese uses the style of Japanese culture that is usually has the characteristic of wooden material as the dominated kitchen materials. Natural touch of the kitchen makes this kitchen style special than the others. Today, the style of this kitchen has also combined with modern style. That makes the kitchen has not only wooden […]

Kitchen Caravan as Your Simplicity

Kitchen caravan is the kitchen that has the simple design with the simple cooking stuffs inside the kitchen itself. This kitchen also has the feeling of outside cooking activity such as barbeque. This kitchen is very helpful for people that like relaxing atmosphere for the cooking activity. As the caravan itself, the kitchen also can […]

Treehouse Kitchen for Your Style

Treehouse kitchen has the characteristic of nature. This is rarely kitchen that is used as a kitchen in the world. The term of tree house make the kitchen built by wooden material as the foundation material. This kitchen style has also a lot of green plants as the decoration that makes the kitchen looks very […]

Castle Kitchen as a Good Style

Castle kitchen is a kitchen that built in a style of a castle. This kitchen style is commonly built with the concrete material as the wall as well as the castle is. Not only the wall that has built as the castle but also the kitchen furniture. The kitchen furniture are usually made and shape […]