Burn Wall Street? Think Twice.


To be completely honest, this whole Wall Street crisis has me intrigued. On the one hand, undisrupted capitalism has brought this great country all of its wealth and power that it wields all around the world, but it has apparently brought upon itself the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression.

What do you think about capitalism? Should it be burned and replaced by a more intelligent system? Here’s my opinion.

Before you go out and say, BURN CAPITALISM, wait. Let’s consider the human mind and how it works. We are all motivated, evolutionarily, to act out of our own self interests and typically, we only go out of our way to help others when those self interests are completely met. Therefore, it would seem that we would need an economic system that mirrors that human tendency to look out for itself above all others. And importantly, the system needs to thrive even under that inherent selfishness.

In my opinion, nothing beats capitalism at this game. Capitalism basically says, “Here you go. Make something of yourself and there is no one here to help you but yourself.” It’s the ultimate power to choose. You can choose to run a bartending company like Goldstar, a technology company like Apple or run a diamond company like LJWest. It’s really all up to you!

Think of what this country would be like without capitalism. We’d have the government telling us what prices things would cost, how much we can obtain, and what kinds of jobs we should be fulfilling. Does this sound like the natural order of human nature to you? To me, it seems like capitalism might be a messier situation for the government on the surface, but the freedom it gives the average citizen will serve to tranquilize this chaos. On the other hand, outright control over citizens may seem like a more government-friendly environment, but the distress it will cause citizens will almost always cause an uprise.

At least in capitalism, if someone is poor and not well off, it’s hard to blame anyone but themselves!

That, is the beauty of capitalism and why I, for one, am never leaving this country!